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A back-and-forth Thursday yields a 48% on the 448Put off the open, and a 57% gain on the 445Call on the low-of-the-day reversal signal.

(click on the charts for a larger view. The white flat on the right axis has the dollars gained for each $1,000 traded.


A bank holiday for put buyers.

Three of these supposed banking stalwarts joined the 100% Day-Trading Club, the fourth, JPM, peaked during that day greater than 100% but its put faded to a mere 85% on the close.

(click on the charts for a larger view. The white flat…

And then my kid said to me “you’re not giving signals, dad, you’re giving reassurance the signals work.” Okay…

The stock market only goes up or it goes down. It is amazing how difficult it is to recognize that simplicity.


Nifty50StockList context: Buy from the open of 9/15/21. One day.

$NYMO: Buy for the open (9/16/21). New.

$NYSI: Sell from the open of 9/8/21. Seven days.


The Nifty50StockList appears to have set a bullish context after a quick three-day whipsaw,.

There were 42 stocks on sells Monday. Despite the market sell down Tuesday, 10 stocks gave buy signals; and today another 10 cutting the sells to 28.

It’s likely Tuesday’s general market drop was the…

The market, and its stocks, either goes up or it goes down. It is amazing how difficult it is to recognize that simplicity.

ANOTHER BUY SIGNAL — the open of 9/12/21

When the market went on a sell a mere three trading days ago, I noted: “This turn down is probably just a brief pullback in what has been until now an obvious bull market. And the pullback may already be over the Nifty50StockList already has 40 stocks on sells.

That could be a distinct possibility now.

The 40 stocks on sells (9/8) were followed by a day of 47…

9/13/21 —

FSLR has broken of its Darvas Stock Box.

Its CCI buy signal as it chopped sideways to build a high base combined with the breakout has it up $2,265 at today’s close on what is a $2K position (the white flag on the right axis).

9/7/21 — INTRADAY

$TSLA, after already being up 7.3% on the latest #Nifty50StockList buy signal, broke out of its box on 8/30, thus a buy signal on the open of 8/31 five trading days ago.

The stock has followed through with a gap up today. Very bullish on the daily buy, and the…

UPDATE (9/15/21)

UVXY gave a sell signal for today’s open on a 9-day CCI Stock Rotation Strategy, taking a 4.9% gain for the six trading days after it slipped out of it wedgie.

Not the most exuberant of UVXY moves, but a profit is a profit.

On a side note it’s failure to move big bodes well for a bounce in the general market.

Have to wait now for its next wedgie to set up.

UPDATE (9/5/21)

UVXY has slipped across the upper trend line on it latest falling wedge (see the circled days on the updated chart below).


They say buying options is a “fool’s game.” So let’s say right off — they are wrong about that.

Today (9/15/21) — on the close.

After a muddle of stop losses early in the day (see the green rectangle on the chart), the SPY 444Call managed to ride the market’s rise for the rest of day to another day-trading options-buying strategy 100% gain.

The white flag on the right axis marks the dollar/percentage gain per each $1,000 traded. …

The market, and its stocks, either goes up or it goes down. It is amazing how difficult it is to recognize that simplicity.

THE SIGNAL — the open of 8/19/21.

On 8/16 and 8/17 there were 45 and 40 of the stocks on the list on sells respectively. Despite the market going lower on 8/18, the stocks gave 15 buy signals generating the Nifty50StockList buy signal for the open of 8/19.

END OF THE SIGNAL — the open of 9/8/21.

The All-Importan $NYSI turned down yesterday (9/7/21) triggering a longer-term market breadth sell signal for today’s open. As it says…

The market and its stocks either go up or they go down. It’s amazing how hard it is to recognize that simplicity.

THE CONTEXT: as the $NYSI Signal (long-term breadth) negative since 9/7/21.


AAP and FB almost everyday, and MSFT once in a while because of volume and tight spreads on the open with stops very close by.

(click on the chart panel for a larger view, the white flag on the right axis as the dollar/percentage gain for each $1,000 in the trade)


With the market context now bearish…


As has been said before the point of the Nifty-50 Stock List is to be able to see extremes, especially at the end of a down swing.

To reiterate the strategy is whenever 40 or more stocks on the list are on sells that is most often the bottom or the beginning of the bottom of a down swing. The buy signal is triggered with there are no longer 40 or more on sells. …

8/30/21 — @BTC

Heading into the end of the month, how is the Bitcoin box doing?

Still on the up staircase:

8/12/21 — $COIN

Despite the recent rally in Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, COIN, the exchange for it and the others, has been unable to get out of its simple price box let along challenge the high of its IPO day.

That high is 429.54, crossing it is the buy for the future. Everything below that high is a digestion of the hype on its initial offering, and possibly its prospects (or lack there of) for the future.


Michael Petryni

Journalist, film critic, screenwriter, proprietary trader seeking simplicity in trading. https://thegodoftrading.medium.com/membership

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