I told a guy how to make 100% day trading options and I doubt he believes me

They say buying options is a “fool’s game.” So let’s say right off — they are wrong about that. The market and its stocks either go up or they go down. It’s amazing how hard it is to recognize that simplicity.

Michael Petryni



Haven’t updated this story for a month so I thought I’d stop by the neighborhood and add a new example from the SPY option day trades chronicled in other stories.


5/23/2022 — AAPL

Ya gotta figure…if the market is going to bounce AAPL is gonna go with it. Or maybe if AAPL is gonna bounce, the market is going to go with it.

So what’s the option play?

AAPL, next to SPY, is in my mind the best option for day trading options.

So the market bounced today and AAPL went with it.

The point of this story is to make a 100% a day on day trades as I’ve said now many times before I was told can’t be done.

Well, the AAPL ATM 138 call could do it today, could not make 100%. It only went with the market for 87%.

That’s $870 for each $1,000 traded.



Michael Petryni

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