Simple trades in stocks and options

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Years ago I read an essay about the “god of trading.” It was the author’s contention that there is, in the financial markets, such a god, one who “rewards persistence, discipline, experience, and absolutely nothing else.”

A metaphor for all of trading, yes, but maybe a truism would be a better description.

Regardless, the intent of this continuing story is to pay homage to that god and to journal the day trading and swing trading signals time the market and to keep a record of the buying and selling of stocks and options.

(I use $10K for stock trades in order to show how much cash a small trader can make on the day; plus it make a easy percentage calculation. And $1K for option trades.)

Disclaimer: all content is presented as entertainment, not investment advice. If this is a guide so be it, but all traders and investors must use their own due diligence and market knowledge to make their own trades.


That having been said below is chart of a MARA, a hot stock last year (up 338% on my primary swing-trading signals, and the subject of much comment in Facebook stock groups.

All that “hot” has led to an inevitable, volatile pullback from a high of 28 eight trading days ago to close to support at the low today of 15.72 (see the lower chart below).

But also because of that “hot” this is a stock to watch closely.

Today, it bounced intraday, a would-be star of the $10K trade, 12% locked in at 12:15 PST for the day trade. On the close, it held up enough to net $618 for each $10K in play (see the upper intraday chart below).

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