With a #WatchList and the #SimpleOptionsDayTrade Strategy” there is often a 100% gain somewhere — today $TSLA — 6/14/2024

They say buying options is a “fool’s game” and day trading options is impossible. So let’s say right off — they are wrong about that.

Michael Petryni
2 min readJun 14, 2024

The Simple Option Strategy

TRADES are based on this simple day-trading strategy to be on the long side of the calls and puts for day trades; and referenced in this story — I told a guy how to make 100% day trading options and I doubt he believes me.

The open signal is clear and truly simple.

If the call options are above their open, buy the calls; if the put options are above their open, buy the puts.

That’s it, but use a stop-loss to control risk.

6/14/2024 — During the day…

The column to the right of the option prices sorts the percentage rise or fall for each strike since the open today (at the moment I took this screenshot).


Made some adjustments to the strikes today for today’s weekly expiration. The adjustment was to get them closer to the prospective opens of the stocks themselves.

These stock options trades are long because the buy side is the cheapest trade, only the cost of the options.



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