Nearly needless to say a great way to start a new month in the #SimpleOptionsDayTrade — 06/03/2024

They say buying options is a “fool’s game” and day trading options is impossible. So let’s say right off — they are wrong about that.

Michael Petryni
1 min readJun 3, 2024

The Simple Options Strategy

TRADES are based on this simple day-trading strategy to be on the long side of the calls and puts for day trades; and referenced in this story — I told a guy how to make 100% day trading options and I doubt he believes me.

The open signal is clear and truly simple.

If the call options are above their open, buy the calls; if the put options are above their open, buy the puts.

That’s it, but use a stop-loss to control risk.

6/03/2024 — End of the day…

The green flag on the chart’s right axis shows the closed profit target gains for each $1K traded, the white flags shows the trades in progress the time of the screen capture.



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